Exhibition Special: CIMT's influence reaches beyond the limits of this year's exhibits


The 12th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT 2011), which ended on Saturday April 16, in Beijing, put the spotlight on new ideas and important changes in the industry and emphasized the importance of technological innovation in economic development.


The six-day event, organized by the China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association (CMTBA), first opened in 1989, and has been held 12 times in its 23-year history.


The exhibition has broken records for CIMT and has become its most influential event.


It took up every one of the eight exhibition halls, and a temporary one, at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), covering a 120, 000-square-meter space, a 20-percent increase in size from the previous one.


It had 1,406 exhibitors, with many well-known manufacturers from 28 countries.


The exhibit turnover amounted to 2.26 billion yuan ($35 million), up 67.3 percent from the previous session.


It also attracted 306,000 visitors, a considerable increase from the previous record of 265,000, and was a rare event in China's professional exhibition history.


And, no previous CIMT exhibition could possibly match this year's guest lineup, which included: government leaders, foreign ambassadors, officials, industrial heads from various countries and regions, and industrial celebrities, from the opening ceremony, dinner, and international forums to the other events and conclusion.


More than 1,000 units of machine tools were on display, along with flexible production lines and other items, with 641 machine tools and 124 CNC systems from China.


Also on display were 95 five-axis machine tools, 43 of them from China, and 13 consisting of Chinese CNC systems.


Domestic manufacturers also showed their major achievements and new products, while foreign manufacturers had their newest products and technologies, many of them making their world debut. In that sense, CIMT 2011 was a machine tool arena at the highest level.