K2000MCi series systems developed by KND company is a new generation bus controlled CNC system for high-grade machining center. It adopts 8.4/10.4 inch LCD screen with horizontal/vertical structure and has 4 profiles totally. System communicates with servo unit in real time through KND serial servo bus (KSSB), which can control feed axes, analog spindle, digit spindle, I/O modules and etc. Match with servo drivers and motors with high resolution absolute encoder to  realize position accuracy up to 0.1μm and satisfy high precision requirements of machining center.






    Product Features

    Ø  System adopts ARM9 microprocessor to realize high speed and high precision control.

    Ø  Adopt KSSB (KND Serial Servo Bus) communication, connection simpler, maintenance more convenient, higher anti-interference ability and higher reliability.

    Ø  Two specifications of TFT color LCD (8.4 inch and 10.4 inch) with the resolution of 640 × 480 are available. Totally four structures of vertical and horizontal are optionalC1~C4.

    Ø  5 NC axes are standard equipment and support to control up to 8 axes for milling machines and machining centers.

    Ø  Interpolation period is 2ms and the internal control precision reaches up to 1nm. The least control unit can be set to 0.1 μm.

    Ø  The upper limit of rapid traverse rate is 240 m/min and the upper limit of feed rate is 60 m/min. (when the least control unit is set to 1μm)

    Ø  Provide the open style PLC function to meet the need of secondary development. Be able to display and edit ladder diagrams on CNC, diagnose and follow signals in real time.

    Ø  Digital and analog interface for machine use can be extended with KSSB remote I/O module, and DI/DO point number can be extended up to 512/512 with KSSB remote I/O modules.

    Ø  Provide industrial Ethernet interface. It is more convenient to manage programs, parameters, tool offsets and macro variables of multiple CNCs on PC. PLC debug is also available with this communication port.

    Ø  Support to display and modify servo driver parameters on CNC, monitor status of servo drivers in real time and make machine debugging more convenient.

    Ø  Support high-speed & high-precision control, acceleration and deceleration control before interpolation, prefetch of small-line blocks and smooth control, corner control, tool path smoothing control. Suitable for machining mold parts.

    Ø  Support macro B program function, which is convenient for users to develop complicated machining programs.

    Ø  Support Chinese IME and Chinese comments for programs.

    Ø  Support 3D graphics function and rapid drawing for checking a program.

    Ø  Provide Cartesian coordinate system, space three points circular interpolation, helix interpolation, polar coordinate interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, imaginary axis interpolation, scaling, coordinate rotation, Slant plane setting functions, etc.

    Ø  SD310 servo driver is standard configuration, which can be connected with high precision absolute encoder. There is no need to perform reference position return and save cost of overtravel-limit switch. Support connecting with linear and rotary grating encoder to realize complete closed loop control.

    Ø  Matched with digit spindle can achieve high-precision graduation, high-speed tapping, high-speed positioning, etc.







    LCD screen

    8.4/10.4 inch with resolution of 640×480

    Control mode

    KND Serial Servo Bus (KSSB)

    Command pulse

    Max. controlled axes

     8 axes

    4 axes

    Max. simultaneous axes

      8 axes

    4 axes

    Max. PLC axes

      8 axes

    5 axes

    Axis control function

    Axes type: linear axis , A/B/C/D type rotation axis

    Synchronous axis function , Axis interlock, Emergency stop , Software and hardware over-travel limit

    Preparation function

    Up to 80 G instructions, including rapid positioning, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, helix interpolation, space three points circular interpolation, digital spindle thread interpolation, polar coordinate interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, imaginary axis interpolation, Cartesian coordinate setting, plane selection, polar coordinate instructions, scaling, coordinate rotation, reference point return, work coordinate system, local coordinate system, tool measurement, tool compensation, canned cycle instructions of drilling/boring/tapping, dwell etc.

    Interpolation function


    Feed function

    Maximum rapid traverse speed240000mm/min

    Maximum feedrate speed60000mm/min

    Rapid overrideF02550100

    Feedrate override0150%(16 gears

    High-speed & high-precision control : Acceleration & deceleration control before interpolation, 5 types of acceleration & deceleration curve, Speed smooth control, Prefetch of multiple blocks, Automatic acceleration & deceleration across multiple blocks, Corner control , Circular control, etc.

    Reference point

    Automatic reference point return (G28), Return from reference point (G29), 2nd and 3rd reference point return (G30)

    Coordinate system and dimension

    Least input increment0.001/0.0001mm

    Max stroke : ±999999999×Least input increment

    Machine coordinate positioning (G53), Work coordinate system (G50, G54~G59), Local coordinate system (G52)

    Cartesian coordinate system(G54.9), Plane selection (G17, G18, G19), Slant plane setting

    Absolute/incremental programming (G90/G91), Metric/inch programming (G21/G20)

    Polar coordinate instructions (G15/G16), Scaling (G50/G51), Coordinate rotation (G68.1/G69.1)

    Measurement function

    Skip function (G31)

    Automatic tool measurement function (G36/G37)

    Spindle function

    KSSB controlled spindle : 1, Analog spindle: 1,Digital spindle: 1

    Multiple spindle function: Analog spindle can be extended

    Gear control(S01S08), Analog control(S0~S99999)

    Analog spindle auto/manual shift gears, Digital spindle positioning

    Spindle speed override: 50120%(8 steps), Analog voltage: 010V (stepless)

    One interface for feedback signals from spindle encoder and the resolution of spindle encoder can be set.

    Rigid tapping cycle(G84)

    Tool function

    Tool offset number : 256 groups

    Tool change function : Automatically change a tool by the built-in PLC

    Tool presetting: Rectangular tool presetting, three points centering tool presetting, etc.

    Auxiliary function

    Standard M codes : 59 , which can be customized

    Program storage and edition

    Program storage space: 640K (internal). Extension: access to a U-disk (no capacity limit). Electronic disk: 3

    Programming : Incremental programming , Absolute programming , Incremental/absolute compound programming , Decimal point programming

    Program edition: input, alter, delete, insert, search, copy, move, merge, etc. Editing programs on U-disk

    Program remarks : Chinese and English IME

    Editing and executing multiple blocks in MDI mode

    Sub-program calling(63 layers nested at most), Sub-program calling when machining in DNC mode with a U-disk

    Program check

    Fast drawing of tool path, Dry running, Single-block running, Machine lock, Auxiliary lock, Optional block stop, Optional block skip.

    Program restart

    Breakpoint management, Power-off management, Restart at any position.

    Simplified programming

    Canned drilling cycle(G73, G76, G80G89 )

    Tapping cycle(G93, G84, G74)

    Chamfering and rounding programming, linear-angle programming

    Compensation function

    Tool length compensation (G43, G44, G49), Tool radius compensation (G40~G42), Tool length wear compensation , Tool radius wear compensation

    Corner circular interpolation (G39), Compensation value can be input by G10 in a program

    Backlash compensation : Use independent compensation values when executing positioning and cutting feed , range: 08mm

    Pitch-error compensation: Provide 512 compensation points for each axis, range: ±0.1mm

    Macro program function

    Custom macro B, Macro program calling(G65), Customized subprogram calling using G/M/T codes, Interruption calling of macro

    Human-machine interface(HMI)

    Language : Chinese and English

    Graphics: 2D graphics of tool path, 3D graphics of parts

    Current position, Program page, Program content, Parameter setting and display, Graph setting and display, Diagnosis data, Alarm, Ladder diagram, Run time, Parts count, Date, Time, Feed rate, Spindle speed, Spindle feed-back speed, Tool No., Spindle gear, Screen saver, etc.

    Index information: Operation list, G code list, Parameter list, Diagnosis parameter list, Macro instruction list, Alarm list, and other customized information, etc.

    Alarm: P/S alarm, Driver alarm, Over-travel alarm, System error alarm, KSSB alarm(only for KSSB controlled systems ), External alarm, etc.

    Protection function

    Hardware over-travel limit, Stored stroke limit(software over-travel limit ), Dynamic workspace, Axis interlocking, Safety door interlock, Parameter protection, Program edition protection, Program encryption, PLC parameter protect, PLC Program encryption, etc.

    CNC parameter backup, PLC parameter backup, Tool offset data backup, Program backup, PLC program backup, Macro variables backup, Access electronic disk, System data backup(U disk operation), System data restore(U disk operation), etc.

    Operation management

    Operation mode : AUTO, JOG, MDI, EDIT, HOME, PHOME, STEP(HANDLE)

    Program execution : AUTO run, MDI run, DNC run (U-disk , Ethernet , RS232), Dry run , Single block run , Auto handle run

    Program switch , Parameter switch , Time-limit power-on/off , Parameter/program password protection

    PLC function

    Open style PLC, display and edit ladder diagram on CNC, PLC-axis control

    DI: 20 points, DI/DO point number of KSSB remote I/O module SD1 : 32/32

    DI/DO point number can be extended up to 512/512 with KSSB controlled remote I/O module.

    DI/DO point number can be extended up to 512/512 with CAN controlled remote I/O module.

    External interface

    KSSB interface (only for bus controlled system), Spindle encoder interface , Feed axes pulse interface(only for non-bus controlled system), Analog/digital spindle interface , High-speed input interface(only for bus controlled system)

    Machine operation panel interface , Additional panel interface , Separate operation box interface

    RS232/485 interface , CAN interface , USB interface , Ethernet interface

    Matched driver

    SD310 AC servo driver

    ZD210 spindle driver