ZD series AC asynchronous spindle servo driver is one of matching products for CNC systems developed by KND company. This product has stable capability, abundant functions, and perfect overload capacity. Matching with ZJY series spindle motors of KND company can realize excellent performance. It can also match motors of other companies. Perfect self-learning function can make users free from complicated parameter setting. Connecting KND CNC system by KND serial servo bus (KSSB) interface can realize checking parameters of spindle driver and diagnosing status of spindle driver on CNC system, as well as performing self-learning, reset and reboot operations.









    Control characteristic

    Control mode

    Position control, Velocity control, Torque control, Position-velocity control shift

    Velocity control range


    Velocity control precision


    Moment characteristic


    Maximum overload current

    200% of rated current

    Cammand input style

    Servo busKSSB

    Acceleration & deceleration characteristic

    Bell shaped curve, S curve acceleration & deceleration

    Braking style

    Resistance braking

    Self-learning function

    Data such as motor parameters and load inertia can be self-learned.

    DI/DO interface

    Digigal input

    10 ways of optocoupler input (2 ways of them are fixed functions, 8 ways of them can be customized)

    Digital output

    4 ways of optocoupler output, functions of which can be customized.

    Relay output

    2 ways, functions of which can be customized.

    Bus interface

    Servo busKSSB

    Encoder input interface

    2interfaces, which supports relative encoder, rotary transformer and absolute encoder

    PC interface

    RS232 serial communication standard, support ModBUS protocol

    Spindle function

    Velocity control

    Range: 08000rpmServo bus velocity command

    Spindle orientation

    S curve rapid spindle orientation, orientation position can be specified automatically, support external encoder orientation and rapid orientation function is available.

    Spindle gear box

    8 groups of gear ratio setting

    Other functions

    C axis control, Thread cutting, Electronic gear ratio setting

    Protection function

    Motor protection

    Protected by electronic heat sensitive devices

    Instantaneous overcurrent protection

    Protection is activated when current is greater than 200% of rated current


    Double protection of hardware and software

    Low voltage

    Double protection of hardware and software

    Abnormality protection

    Abnormal braking, Encoder malfunction

    Power module overheat

    Alarm and error prompt

    Grounding protection

    Protected by electronic circuit

    Mechanical braker

    Braking sequence can be specified

    Work environment




    90% RH or less (free from dew)

    Storage temperature

    -20+60 (limit value corresponds to short term temperature during transportation)


    1000 meters or lower


    0.5g(4.9 m/s²) or less, 1060Hz (not continuously running)