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K2000TF3/4i-D Plus

Applicable machine: Vertical Milling, Drilling and Tapping centers, Carving and Milling machine, etc.

K2000MF3/4i-D Plus is the K2000MF3/4i-D upgrade products, configuration 10.4 inch display, MDI panel layout, black film key, standard with 1 channel, 8 feed shaft, is a main configuration of various machining centers, carving and milling machine, drilling and tapping CNC system. In addition to hardware, this product upgrade also has a number of software function improvements, with built-in programming wizard, debugging wizard, auxiliary tool setting, tool life management and other functions, with excellent use experience.


1. 10.4 inch LCD,1 channels, 8 feed axes.

2. New appearance design, MDI panel layout, configuration of large knob, more convenient operation.

3. Built-in programming wizard, debugging wizard and other functions to improve operation efficiency.

4. Equipped with the 3rd generation of high-speed and high-precision algorithm, optional precision level, taking into account machining accuracy and efficiency, surface machining effect is better.

6. With functions such as breakpoint, power-off management and tapping rollback, it is more convenient to resume production after processing interruption.

8. With the tool life management function, according to the use time or use times management tool.

9. Two-way pitch error compensation, straightness compensation, backlash compensation and other functions, improve the accuracy of machine tools.

11. Advanced diagnosis, provide servo online optimization, vibration detection and other functions, improve the machining performance of machine tools.

13. Built-in standard PLC program, suitable for all kinds of turret, complete function, stable and reliable.

14. KAPI, Modbus protocol, open machine running data, help intelligent manufacturing.

15. Can access the KWS data service system to provide CNC status monitoring, remote assistance, cloud disk and other functions.




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